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The Cave

Directed by: Tom Waller

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Movie poster Ocaleni
Original title: The Cave
Runtime: 107 min.
Production: Tajlandia/Irlandia , 2019
Category: documentary / war
Release Date: 28 February 2020
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Tom Waller
Cast: Ron Smoorenburg, Kelly B. Jones, Eoin O'Brien

Based on a true story, the movie reveals the backstage of a spectacular and extremely dramatic rescue operation, aimed at releasing teenagers trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. In 2018, thousands of people hurried to the rescue of 12 young players and their coach, and the whole world was observing the 18-day operation. "The Cave" is an emotional filming of those events. A captivating story at its best, which moves and restores faith in goodness and human determination. Because they can do real miracles.

12 boys from the teenage football team, together with the coach, set off to explore the huge Tham Luang cave in the north of Thailand. Its underground corridors stretch for 10 kilometers and are located hundreds of meters underground. At some point a powerful monsoon arrives and rainwater floods the entrance to the cave, and then melts its subsequent sections. The boys and the trainer are cut off from the world and imprisoned 4 kilometers below the surface. When families realize that teenagers have not returned home, they notify the relevant services. A large-scale international rescue operation begins, involving thousands of people. Tham Luang come to, among others, American commandos and experienced cave divers. News of the action is spreading in the blink of an eye and its progress is monitored by the whole world. Only after 9 days the team manages to locate the missing, who are on the verge of total exhaustion due to lack of food. However, this is just the beginning of an extremely difficult operation. Now each of the boys and their trainer will have to get out through the narrow and flooded cave tunnels. In a situation where oxygen runs out and the rapid current of water threatens death, every meter covered becomes a real fight for life.

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